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Placement Test for French / German / Spanish / Italian

Who should take this placement test:
  • you have been admitted or are currently enrolled at UCSD.
  • you have had previous study or exposure to the relevant language.

The purpose of this test is:

  • to help your college advisor to place you in the appropriate language course at UCSD.
  • to have follow-up discussion with an advisor or language coordinator, if necessary.

Time constraints

You will have 45 minutes to take the exam.
Make sure you have enough time to complete it, since you may take the exam only once.
However, if you can't submit your answers due to a technical problem,
you will be able to start the test over.

How to register and take the exam:
Placement Test

  1. Select your language.
  2. Fill out a background questionnaire.
  3. Take the actual placement test.


  Select the language for the Placement Exam:

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